Staying Compliant

Privacy & Compliance

How to we make sure your team remains complaint within your state's privacy laws.

Keeping an up to date privacy policy

Our team will help make sure your Privacy Policy is up to date and within compliance of your state.

consent string

We require your website to use a consent string to protect your user's privacy and your liability.

Data Privacy

We encrypt all your visitor's data and consistently clean our servers to protect your data.

Privacy & Consent String Requirements

We require all users to maintain an up to date privacy policy within compliance of their state. We recommend all users to consult a lawyer before making an changes. In addition, we require a consent string to use our product. This prevents your team and our team for any liability issues when using the data received.

Implementing a Privacy Policy

As data is collected from user interactions, it is crucial to establish a robust privacy policy and implement a consent string on your website. This practice acts as a safeguard for both your business and its clients. Given the diverse nature of privacy laws, it is essential to regularly review and update your privacy policy to comply with the applicable laws.

Key Components of a Website Privacy Policy:

1. Clearly outline the kinds of personal data collected (e.g., names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers).
2. Specify the reasons for collecting personal data (for example, account creation, service provision, marketing).
3. Detail where the data is stored and the duration of its retention.
4.Disclose any third parties with whom the data might be shared (like service providers or advertisers).
5. Inform users about their rights concerning their data (access, correction, deletion, processing restrictions).
6. Describe the measures taken to protect personal data against unauthorized access and misuse.
7. Outline the procedure for updating the privacy policy and how users will be notified of these changes.

Adding a consent string

A consent string is crucial for compliance with regulations like GDPR and CCPA. It encodes user consent for personal data usage, particularly in online advertising. The requirement for a consent string depends on your location and the laws applicable to your business. If your operations are within states like California, Virginia, Colorado or Connecticut and you use personal data for online advertising, a consent string is likely necessary.

Implementing a Consent String

The method of adding a consent string to your website varies based on your web host. Different hosts may offer built-in options or recommend specific plugins. Alternatively, third-party software can be used for consent string management. For optimal integration with Traffic Data Labs, it is advisable to consult with us or your IT or web development team.

Recommended softwares: is great for generating a new privacy policy aswell as a consent string. You can sign up here.

We always recommend consulting a lawyer before making any changes to your policy or implementing our data.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add a constent string?

Add a consent string to make sure you are compliant! A consent string gains consent from users and records it for your safety. Use any of our partner programs to quickly install a consent string.

how do I find privacy laws for my state?

You can find all updated privacy laws on your states legislatures website.

Is this legal?

IntentWave is completely legal/compliant. We maintain strict rules on all our clients with occasional audits. We do this to make sure privacy policies are maintained for compliance.

Is this Legal

Yes this is 100% legal, we strictly abide by CAN-SPAM, GDPR and CCPA law. All data is opt in data provided by our publisher network and goes through an extensive cleaning process upon delivering it to your dashboard. Additionally, we choose to to only fire our pixel on visitors within the US and take extensive measures to stay compliant in states like CA, CO, CT, VA, and UT.  

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