Personalized AI

Measure and analyze activities, emotions, and influences throughout your day.


Machine Learning

Adaptive behavioral pattern modeling from supervised and unsupervised learning.


Expert Insights

Professional recommendations from leading experts, therapists, and coaches.


Although wearable devices have the potential to facilitate health behavior change, this change might not be driven by these devices alone. Ultimately, it is the engagement strategies—the combinations of individual encouragement, social competition and collaboration, and effective feedback loops—that connect with human behavior.
— Dr. Mitesh Patel, UPenn


Behavioral Study

Join the world’s largest wearable-enabled Behavioral Study to help improve the mental health of working professionals. Built entirely on the Apple Watch.

Knowledge is not enough. Health does not happen in a silo. You have to tap into emotion. Devices and device-compatible health programs hold a lot of promise but, at this point, we don’t know if data tracking actually changes behavior, just that it leads to adherence to the devices. But several companies are reporting positive results with programs that use both technology and human interaction (either from expert coaches or peers).
— Stephanie Habif, Stanford University